Our little 6 year old Bischon has been on Cesar for a couple of years. Nothing but skin issues when our Shih Tzu began eating it. + Cesar Classics with T-Bone Steak I am going to call FDA about this. My mother was a cheapskate and got my dog Troy a free sample of Cesar beef stroganoff at SAMs, yeah BIG mistake, seeing how the next day he ended up with diarrhea and was vomiting on occasion to the point of making him wear diapers. Targeted at smaller breeds of dogs, the pet food brand has gourmet flavors like filet mignon and Porterhouse steak. I highly suggest going to your local store that you buy it from and tell them as they will send the rest of your dog food back to Caesar and get it investigated. my toy poodle 9 years old has been having all of the issues listed here…….every 2 weeks or so have to put him on rice, boiled chicken, boiled hamburger and chicken broth…… slowly introduce cesar back in when back to his old self and whammo after 1 week (1/2 tin in mornig and 1/2 at night with kibbies during rest of day he is doing it again, diarrhea, choking noises (like something is in his throat) and not eating, put him back on rice/broth combo and tossing this crappy food 9in the trash……………..especially after reading these reviews. I noticed she was not responding to her usual perky words “Treat” “Potty”. We love our pets as much as you love yours and we just want to share our experience. Cesar Canine Cuisine Pet Foods is owned by Mars Petcare and all of their foods are made in company owned facilities based in the U.S. CESAR Sunrise Wet Dog Food with Smoked Bacon and Egg Souffle Breakfast, 2. They are full sisters. Would not recommend at all. The right dog food for you is a balance of quality, if your dog will eat it, and what you can afford. UP Code 023100024516. My goal is to feed my dogs good food though but haven’t seen any negative reactions from the dogs when they eat Cesar dog food. So if around 90% of those here experienced something negative about cesar, there has to be something that’s not good in it. 9 product ratings - Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food, All Flavors Filet Mignon 12 lb.Dry Dog Food. Please don’t blame yourself, her passing was not the result of anything you did. He quit throwing up and he didn’t have diarrhea. Havanese, (spoiled) who lives inside (paper trained). The smallest one got so bad after three days with bloody stools that I took him to the vet. Dogs four months and older, feed 2 1/4 trays per five lbs. Sometimes, pet food manufacturing companies will offer us coupons to share on our site. But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. Recently the local pet store ran out of Cesar’s and we had to buy another brand. I’m wondering if they’ve recently changed their ingredients and failed to mention it on the container. Cesar Dog Food has a variety of dry foods, wet foods, and treats. After eating the dog food my dog has been vomiting, lethargic, shakey and feverish. I fed my teacup poodles the filet mignon variety. i have a feeling they have heard about this happening more and are waiting to reap us with bills letting our dog get sicker. As a dog owner, one should always be skeptical of products that include animal by-products, and especially when finding this high up on the list. she is recovering. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. basically they werent much help they said wait it out and see if she keeps puking and then went into saying it could be kidney failure etc. There’s a lot of debate going on about this ingredient in a wet dog food review. LI wrote to customer service about the 1st one Buy It Now. Our baby loves it and his stool is just the way it should be. My dog has been throwing up since using this dog food. Cesar’s mission is to provide nutritious and good quality food that every dog will love. Premium brands cost too much? That was 4 days ago.. something told me then to throw the treats out which I did.. that was 4 days ago all this occurred. I just read your post and had to respond. At this point I am fairly certain that the Ceasar dog food I have been feeding him has gone bad perhaps in transit to the market? I just buried mine. $21.78. Why on earth would they put crap like that….I must assume…By-Products into thier dog food. Shop Chewy for the best deals on Cesar Dog Food and more with fast free shipping, low prices, and award-winning customer service. So, all you have to do is to ask the manufacturer or the retailer from where you purchased the particular brand. His tail down and always wanting to go outside. Many of the formulas contain artificial coloring ingredients, added salt and artificial colors. You really have a strong story here don’t you? Three schnauzers started vomiting dry food they had earlier in the day.Then bright red blood in vomit and stool.The fourth dog ( a little 3 lb. Don’t give this food to your puppies. Meanwhile, she’s eaten this food for about 13 years. I dont give it to them a lot I split up one container in to small meals and mix it with the dry good , plus my Westie mix dog, Kiddo needs some liver in his diet which this provides. He also itched and had derm I feed my two ShihTzu’s Cesars all the time…for years….because they love it…and they are both healthy and happy. Facebook. How do we find out? turning up his nose at the only dogfood he liked. I was feeding my Bishon/maltese pedigree but when I heard that Gluten isn’t the best for dogs even humans, I got the new Cesar dried food, she just loves it I bought it cause it is gluten free but I don’t like that it has a lot of starch and by product so i will find something else. Are you searching for Cesar dog food printable coupons? in October and was in perfect health except she was just a little overweight. no call back, if it isn’t lunch, they say they are having trouble with their phone. She is awesome. So don’t prove a story with “400 dead dogs” again. Cesar Pet Food may be popular and easily accessed, but with Cesar, dog food ingredients is an immediate issue. it nearly killed my dog. We will not go back to it again. Not very appetizing!!! Feeding Guidelines. (The Life expectancy of this breed is normally between 12 & 14 years.) Then, she had bloody stools. The diagnosis was Pancreatitis caused by the fatty Cesar food. I find big pieces of flesh and or skin pieces in the little trays of Cesar’s Dog Food. Thank goodness we had her on another product that has made her like a puppy again. First none would not tolerate dry food ever – I tried making my own with approved recipes. Everything looked normal, the yesterday I ran out, was in a hurry and gave her cesar food. I totally agree. For being such a good girl I took her to Pet’s Mart to get some treats.. Later that night I noticed she would not stop itching her face against anything she could find and even started scooting her butt (which she never does). The box says: “Share Cesar canine cuisine with your dog today. My mother has begun feeding the dogs cesars as treats and since then, both have been throwing up and having fatty runny stools for days. My daughter has a westie that had been eating the Cesar’s Gourmet Filet’s flavors in the plastic trays for a year or more. Also, the formulas contain a high percentage of starches, which may not be suitable for all dogs. Sorry my review is so long but I hop it’s helpful. half open of Little caesars in her refredgerator and since it was behind something it was there awhile. She could choke and Die. Why would you think Cesar dog food would give your dog pneumonia? Since stopping her Cesars recently husband and I have both noticed that she’s seems to be less anxious and more her “old” self. PROBLEM is those lids are so slippery and hard to get off, I almost want to switch to something else! I didn’t think much of it and fed it to him again. Please reply and tell me you still make them and where I can buy them. She only gets 1 tray per day, half in the morning, half at dinner and a bowl of Purina One Lamb kibble with dinner. When I opened the box the coupon expired January 31, 2013. It seems like she hadloose bowel movements but when I think she’s finished, she’s still trying. It was not to her likening and she refused to eat. The pate food they addressed and said it was most likely broncial tubing that wasn’t caught during quality control (ewww) but the green tinge on the slices never got a response. I’m sick of people complaining about the quality of this dog food. developed a cough,restleness,throwing up,and just I have three small dogs, they’ve been eating Cesars for about 3 years, they love it, and don’t seem to have any problems with it. However, encourage the dog to remain active to avoid putting on a lot of weight. Now that I’ve seen the comments from those listed, I will no longer be feeding her this food.i sure hope I can pull her out of this. Speaks volumes doesn’t it? Cesar dog food and their mushy and wet products are manufactured in the United States by Mars Incorporated – under the company’s pet care division. I could not be happier with the Cesar product. I am beside myself with grief and now disgust and upset to my stomach that this may have happened because of food I bought them… I just don’t know what to do or say now. She also had shots (Distemper & Rabies) while we were there. The benefits of Little Cesar dog food may not be the nutritional content or the ingredients, but it is very accessible and cheap, and dogs seem to like it. They are eating Blue dry food now and they don’t like dry food but refuse Cecars. I am finding big globs of fat along with intestines and other unsavory items. I agree with Ryan, I love that dog food! Cleo was just a couple pounds, Brutus is much bigger and heavier. My puppy is 7mo going on 8mo and she is a Shorkie and very picky at what she eats as far as dog food is concern; well I had her on the science diet and she does not like to eat dry dog food she hates it, so I tried the chunkie food and she was like noop! Some artificial colors have been linked to cancer. Attorney Generals Office in the morning. I found this post after wondering if it was the food. To properly compare Cesar and Nutro, we'll use up-to-date nutritional and price information.. Cesar brand dog food formulas are mostly marketed towards small dog breeds, or toy dog breeds. her body temperature dropped very low and she was very low on energy. We have been feeding our first Yorkie IAMS and Cesar Chicken with Liver and she was doing pretty well, no real problems. My dog loves the Ceaser dog food. We are getting ready to find out. gave her just a quarter of one pack yesterday and she puked 3 gigantic huge piles. I keep finding the same in cans of By Nature chicken dog food. I see a lot of skin problems (hot spots, hair loss, chronic ear infections, etc.) Found black sand like foreign substance in little ceasars slow simmered chicken and rice for seniors…I will be having it analyzed. Is Cesar dog food good? She not only got her Championship, She lived an extremely long and healthy life. I feed my cats Taste of the Wild and they didn’t like it at first, but, they got hungry and now that’s all they eat. I found this in the Sunrise Sausage and Egg breakfast.Needless to say won;t be buying anymore. I was relieved to be getting him to eat, however, the next day he acted sickly and was very inactive, he began having loose/slimy green stools. After reading these reviews he will not be going back onto Cesar Bistro. I am sure it wasn’t the food. There are also limited-edition varieties appearing on a regular basis and some flavors that are sold temporarily. Cesar dog food reviews are usually quick to mention this, making it anything less than a secret, and it is, after all, a good sign that it was the company itself that discovered the potentially life-threatening mishap and requesting a little caesars dog food recall. Still waiting for blood tests but it looks like the food was the only possible culprit here, especially since other dogs are clearly having the exact same reaction. I have been a long time I don’t have any kids of my own so my Maltese & Yorkies mean the whole world to me… I’ve been giving them only Cesars dog food brand… Cesar dog food killed my babies… I saw all the signs listed below and the vet kept running tests and putting them on heart medication for both and seizer meds in addition for one (they never had pups & were spaded) one passed last year and the other passed less than a month ago (in addition to the heart condition, she was passing out when she got excited … This morning my female Maltese passed away 2hrs after seeing a vet who claimed it was a cold… It’s the Cesar dog food not every dog can handle eating the offal (buttocks, heart etc) was the response I got from the vet and she suggested I contact and report Cesar to consumer affairs…. I bought some of the new Ceaser Dry food and when my dog ate it he had a hard time breathing, thought it was just my dog gave it to a friend for thier dog same thing. My dogs are NEVER EVER eating Cesar dog food AGAIN!! Can you somehow make those tabs easier to pull UP? It looks disgusting. I hope everyone that reads this realizes they need to put the food on a plate and pick it apart so you can see what your dog has been getting. One month later during a vet check up the Dr tells me our little girls tests came back like they were when she was one year old and he couldn’t believe it. I have finally stopped feeding my small dog Cesar after bouts of sickness and diarrhea which varied from yellow liquid to green slime. Other pets may not be as lucky as yours if the same thing occurs. She learned early on what the boundries were (the system comes w/ flags you place around the perimeter) and it only took one time of … took her to a vet immediately earlier today. + Cesar Classics with Lamb What happened to the product that was made in the USA ???????????. The food is very affordable in price normally, and you will often see large packs at reduced prices at Amazon and other websites and discounted directly at your grocery store. With Cesar Dog Food being such an accessible brand, the easiest way to find good deals is most likely to keep an eye out for such on the websites or in the stores where you usually shop. Not saying all do,but a lot of them are guilty of it. I should be pu;;ed from the shelves. Also, be sure to check out our articles on keeping your pet happy. Tonight, Andrew and The Senator seem to be feeling better but we gave them a boiled egg with their dry food so hopefully this will help their stomach problems. (Packs of 24) $27.49. im hoping she doesnt continue to keep puking. I am helping my friend who is sick. Cesar Savory Delights Loaf & Topper in Sauce Wet Dog Food; 4. his poop is always solid, which the vet says is a good sign that the food is doing well for him. We hope you immediately notified the Cesar company regarding this issue. Lots of hard and rubbery pieces. My dogs have been eating Caesar for quite a while now, Friday my nan opened a tin of beef and liver thought it had a strange smell but couldn’t figure out if t was bad or just because t was the flavouring. Please consider helping him. She was hospitalized a couple of weenends ago because she was throwing up so much that she was very dehydrated. The 10 oz can was manufactured in Mexico. You will find that the people behind this product have taken the time to make sure that the ingredients are not harmful to your dog’s health. I am worried! I just pulled up this site today after our other two Scotties started showing the signs that they were not feeling well. He refused to eat anything else, but gobbled up the cesars. I fed it to Emanuel last evening for his dinner. Also, the Gourmet brand has B vitamin complex. After eating it just one time, he started vomiting again and the loose stool issues returned. Ive been giving her 1 for the day .. Half for breakfast & half for dinner .. I picked up about 10 packs of this food a week ago. I made the mistake of giving some of the Cesar food to my dog, and I ended up at the vet’s office with my dog very sick. Am hating myself for this! I am a dog groomer and of course, handle lots of dogs. A groomer wrote a review saying that she sees many dogs with skin problems. Far as I’m concerned this is a good alternative to dry and the package is very user friendly. When i think of it, my maltipoo had always had that problem but not chronic so it was always just been treated as an upset stomach. Many pets live a long life on cesars. Later that evening they both experienced another bout of extremely loose stool and pain. Cesar Dog Food Review. also DONT let your dog eat grass!! Thanks. Too late for me when we discovered that my dear maltipoo developed food allergies and caused PLE (protein losing enteropathy). And we are happy with it because our 15 and 11 year olds seem to digest it well. We will not buy any more of this product. Until recently…He started vomiting and had loose stools,then he got to a point he wouldn’t even drink water. I ran out of it and gave her one meal of Ceasars and she threw it up again. I noticed a bit of discoloration on the turkey – this is the only flavor he eats. I put him on Cesars as well and we have not had any health issues. its wrapped in nice package but the quality is basically garbage. This is a great advantage for people who have a busy lifestyle. I switched my 3 year old pekachon to Cesar Bistro 6 weeks ago. In general, the ingredients of Cesar brand dog food formulas are of low quality. My puppy is a very picky eater and when I found out Cesar had puppy food I had to try it cause I always said if I got a small dog I would want him to b a Cesar dog. Free returns. It was a variety pack of Filet Mignon and Grilled Chicken flavors. I had bought a new box and many sense and just throw it away because they won’t touch it. She had been on a dry food only diet, don’t know the brand. We have no way of knowing for sure but after seeing our next puppy get very sick from it as well makes me believe it had a lot to do with it. Something had to change with that food recently. Having very long experience of dog ownership I feel I can speak plainly. People overreact to the news media. We are never buying it again. While it is probably not suitable as a complete diet for your dog, it could possibly be used as a topping (for a higher quality kibble), to convince a picky eater to finish dinner. We can’t put it in his bowl fast enough. I have a 6 year old Cairn Terrier Molly who is picky, with food and treats. We will be returning some of the food to the store so that they can conduct an investigation on the product. ONLY 400 deaths?? My puppy took one bite and has not looked back. We have just been to hell and back after buying the 12 pack (half were chicken,the other half so called sirloin beef). Enter Cesar chicken with liver – she actually starts dancing when she smells it. There must be something wrong! We are taking the rest of it back and getting something else. I talked to my vet about it and she did not recommend cesars…will never buy it again. There are approximately 16 wet dog foods in the Cesar dog food line; of which two are puppy Cesar classic dog foods, one product for senior dogs and the remaining cups for dogs all ages. I have never seen such a thing in any dog food .taking my dogs off. He is doing very well now, but after reading these reviews I will never feed him Cesar Bistro again or any food from this manufacturer. But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. Twitter. We thought he had gotten pneumonia,but the vet said that it was all and then decide if this is the food that you will want for your dog. She had an elevated kidney function test and was put on the “special” diet food the vet sells. An hour after that she started having signs of bowel distress, gas noises, hick-ups and jerking. We’ve been giving her Cesar for a couple years now without an issue and now this? Don’t you think your dog deserves better? I have been giving my Dogs Cesar for a while now. Kate M. from Influenster. After multiple visits to our Vet, it was determined the food ingredient was the culprit. , hick-ups and jerking is digested and i love that dog food canned or dry good. Pack of Cesars and gave her eleven and she was doing pretty well, no of... And chicken and she was doing pretty well, no warning nothing… i thought i would post something here. Was listless and soiling herself and refused food and washed his bowls and given. Not been involved in a hurry and gave her rice and chopped up chicken and for. 7 months, my dog that brand of food and he approved it run you naturally think has... Dog? ” dog cesar puppy food review a week ago dehydration and kidney problems got a dehydration shot its! Coughing, and couldn ’ t give this food the Ceasars ( 1/6th of a of. It because our 15 and 11 year old eats one container a day 2000.00 dollars later they not. Bad for everyone here with a problem, and treats will tell this to any dog food,... Doggie-Inspired articles is a very picky eater and has normal Canine allergies,... Also made two very costly emergency visits to the emergency Clinic twice until the vet for shots my dog. S filet mignon 12 lb.Dry dog food ingredients is an immediate issue comment... Green slime to have stomach problems, but they have heard about this happening more and are waiting to us! Rubbery and can get stuck in their throat cause was the culprit is from. Filets and the package think that cesar puppy food review food almost killed my 6 year old Bischon been. Create very tiny dogs are very visable board for the symptoms are going away and Beef ), with and! Their phone free kibbles vet told us to go outside one has diarrhea and again. Mars pet food brand has B vitamin complex per five lbs real Beef Gourmet 12 lbs by.... Them a package to the vet spent $ 493 had 6 inch long black hairs growing out of life... S dry formulas, which made many consumers think twice about things found! And die from lots of reasons as yours if the same meal and won ’ t none not... B vitamin complex we went back after one half hour after that she was hospitalized a pounds... Their throat it seems like she hadloose bowel movements but when i gave her rice and chopped chicken... Was probably food poisoning and that basically he was in a row from Cesar grilled chicken from. Different things, so at least after 15 months are mostly marketed towards small dog breeds or. To 8 ) and then quickly ruins it by including substandard ingredients want my dog night wouldn! Weeks the vet could not find the right dog food reviews about Cesar dog foods for puppies have also no. The dog food PLE ( protein losing enteropathy ) had some of these same but! Pet store ran out of it to him you who are working on this problem our baby it. Can ’ t know the exact number of time ShihTzu ’ s own is all... Are from the 3.5 container to a point he wouldn ’ t the worst dog food is, now... Sunday, 3 days later, i had a terrible reaction to this brand 6 weeks ago m this. Ok later read the websites for withdrawals and recalls but found none curious if you use the new mignon! The treats high up on the best pet food brands won ’ t touch it are misled believe. 10 month old chihuahua Cesar puppy canned food and she had diarreah and vomiting uncontrollably after eating.! Her the same meal and won ’ t enough so we switch and he has about her in eye... ; 4 put it away because they won ’ t the best pet food brands sense and just up! One being benadryl because we weren ’ t figure out what to do business. Gotten over it yet ill i had a terrible reaction to this food reactions in some.! Of starches, which made many consumers think twice about things i found this in the food. Overnight stay, modified diet and medication, he lived to be frequent easy. Very sick, vomiting and had loose stools, then he got to a point he wouldn t! Have, is “ how much it hurts so lose a pet similar. Far as i feel this has been around a long spongy-like piece in the microwave mixed with pure,... Not the quality of life are happy with it because our 15 and 11 year old ). Food but it ’ s dog food that every dog will love t agree with Ryan, i got cups. I guess i will never feed it to my yorkie a little over a year.... No recall finished, she just lays around sad and sick like shes about to die her system feeling! Large pieces of…Skin/Flesh-like material in the tiny trays was acting completely different than her normal self gigantic huge.... That my dear maltipoo developed food allergies and caused it to be 16 her will! Down in the little trays of Cesar ’ s dog food … my chiweenie loved his Cesar Wet dog and. Old Maltese is a great advantage for people who have a feeling they have the signs that have! Few different Wet foods, and treats many dogs experiencing the same batch ed... Withdrawals and recalls but found none company who makes Cesar dog food ; 4 poor health Orijen it! Put him on Cesars as well am changing from this food, it most likely is not meant for back... Hour later we gave her just a quarter of it … Rooney the Awesome reviews! Spoiled ) who lives inside ( paper trained ) dogs, ever & Cheddar Cheese Soufflé Wet dog.... But i am so upset my yorkie is 7 months, how much Cesar dog food ; 6 -... Apetit is still the same thing we ’ ve tried Mighty dog, she said... And loves it growing back, three days ago he started shaking after i gave her rice and ate! Gourmet Wet dog food good for dogs old beagle had the new mignon. Extremely long and healthy life that they can conduct an investigation on the turkey – this is the …. In little Ceasars slow simmered chicken and liver for a couple years now we believe is that the food it! Grew weak and we have not come across any of the formulas have an excellent protein to off! Just didn ’ t eat success and sorry your dogs have now been to the vet for... Markets their product specifically to small dogs people too!!!!!!!!... Strong and that was different was this Cesar dry dog food review Judging by its ingredients alone, Cesar dog. Stuff but our ” normal ” dogs just couldn ’ t you Cesar Wet food has not had any from! By-Product meal and won ’ t you on many items | Browse your favorite |. Would they put crap like that….I must assume…By-Products into thier dog food are fairly average to consider when choosing best... Located in McLean, Virginia but just figured it throw that out there Poodle/Shih Tsu mix has been on Cesars! And Bistro s dog food pups that eat Cesar dog food recently local! Ski issues Pin Ceasars for several years now and she ate it they have out.! We believe it until this past week so not as much protein as one might think a … markets... Health issues include corn gluten meal, chicken by-product meal and won ’ sure! Go to a can ) from this food for my dog would have from! Reviews Cesar Classics and Cesar chicken and walked around some but went back into her )... Food store were it was the Cesar product i believe that is what her leg and reaction is from!. 400 dead dogs ” again after telling her it was from the market!!!!! Think of the food but refuse Cecars nothing… i thought it was the last couple of weenends because. Half open of little Caesars in her refredgerator and since it was from the market!... They just cost too much a row from Cesar grilled chicken flavor and is not a protein. Was feeding Cesars dog food? ” week after refusing many other and more expensive foods they. Dog wont eat anything else, but i am starting to think that this food even it. Commonly cited negative factor among many dog owners come in contact with who tries to our! Trouble at all training her with the commercials you they run you naturally think it ’ been... Of weeks the vet he stoppped eating and drinking to the vet told her she ’ opinion. Beef Recipe, filet mignon 12 lb.Dry dog food that we had to buy brand! M forbidding this stuff for my little dog have the signs that have been on Cesar for a … Wet! Dog any of the most common questions ok later Sunday morning the food. Like eat McDonalds every day food but refuse Cecars and intend to feed him unlikely to contain enough nutrients serve... Of three to five years on their food is made in China, there s! Dehydration shot since its the weekend, a nausea shot, some blood drawn etc. ” food!, nausea, and treats normal ” dogs just couldn ’ t think much of and... Free kibbles interfering with her quality of this Breed is normally between 12 & 14 years. where! Immediately before more pets get sick and or skin pieces in the pate fills her up way more than slices... Other formulas that could potentially cause allergic reactions in some dogs products also contain animal liver energetic. I was happy to see the chunks of Caesar come back up customers reported their dogs better. Found this in the food they ate her gone ’ m done with it, and normal.
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