3) in 1944 which had a improved field of view of 8 degrees 30 minutes. VI but had a flat left side and did away with the chequering on the furniture. 4 Mk I* rifles are all stamped "US PROPERTY". [36] The design was found to be even more complicated and expensive to manufacture than the Mk III and was not developed or issued, beyond a trial production of about 20,000 rifles between 1922 and 1924 at RSAF Enfield.[36]. The rifle became known simply as the "three-oh-three". It featured a ten-round box magazine which was loaded with the .303 British cartridge manually from the top, either one round at a time or by means of five-round chargers. Lee Enfield rifles are used by the Jamaica Constabulary force for training recruits during field-craft exercises and drills. Original WWII Dated British Enfield Web Khaki Sling with Steel Fittings. It was produced only in North America, by Small Arms Limited, at Long Branch in Canada and Stevens-Savage Firearms, in the USA. While not the most beautifully made military gun, it was without a doubt the best bolt-action battle rifle to see widespread use in World War II. 4 Mk 1 Lee-Enfield in this story was one of the best deals of my life when I bought it for $125 in the late 1980s. 3. Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, State Agency: [9][10] The WWI versions are often referred to as the "SMLE", which is short for the common "Short, Magazine, Lee–Enfield" variant. 32 Mk. A specific chapter in the new 'Lee-Enfield Rifles' update of the 1992 'Lee-Enfield Story' is devoted to Serial Numbers. 7 and No. It was the British Army's standard rifle from its official adoption in 1895 until 1957. The options for 303 are surplus with questionable powder integrity, Wolf with wrong sized bullets and expensive stuff. Michigan Deptartment of Natural Resources, State Agency: The Australian military were not permitted to manufacture the No. For other uses, see, Models/marks of Lee–Enfield rifle and service periods, Lee–Enfield conversions and training models, Special service Lee–Enfields: Commando and automatic models, Australian International Arms No. [104][105] (For more information see Gun politics in the United Kingdom and Gun politics in Australia. (The Pattern 1914 became the Rifle No. 4 Mk IV, sfn error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFWilson2007 (, sfn error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFSkennerton2001 (. [15] To further facilitate rapid aimed fire the rifle can be cycled by most riflemen without loss of sight picture. During the First World War alone, 3.8 million SMLE rifles were produced in the UK by RSAF Enfield, BSA, and LSA.[87]. New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: [17][18], The Lee–Enfield was adapted to fire the .303 British service cartridge, a rimmed, high-powered rifle round. Lee Enfield Ww1 Smle No1 Mk3 Early Oval Cocking Piece And Locking Screw. The bolt handle on the No. [96], Many Afghan participants in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were armed with Lee–Enfields. In Canada, Small Arms Ltd., made over 905,000 rifles from 1941 to 1945 in their Long Branch, Ontario, factory. [13] The Canadian Rangers unit still use Enfield rifles, with plans to replace the weapons sometime in 2017–2018 with the new Sako-designed Colt Canada C19. [24] The shorter length was controversial at the time; many Rifle Association members and gunsmiths were concerned that the shorter barrel would not be as accurate as the longer MLE barrels, that the recoil would be much greater and the sighting radius would be too short. 4 action, but lightened and shortened, chambered in .303 British. The Lee–Enfield family of rifles is the second oldest bolt-action rifle design still in official service, after the Mosin–Nagant. The No. [citation needed] The Lee–Enfield No. California Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: BSA Shirley undertook 100 conversions to .22". [45] With a cut-down stock, a prominent flash hider, and a "lightening-cut" receiver machined to remove all unnecessary metal, reduced barrel length of 18.8 in (478 mm) the No. Pre-Owned. III, largely due to its heavier barrel. 4s. Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, State Agency: III (Mk. [92], "Khyber Pass Copies", as they are known, tend to be copied exactly from a "master" rifle, which may itself be a Khyber Pass Copy, markings and all, which is why it's not uncommon to see Khyber Pass rifles with the "N" in "Enfield" reversed, amongst other things. £6.00 postage. In British service, the No. However, the Lee–Enfield was mainly replaced in main-line service in the Pakistani Police in the mid-1980s by the AK 47, in response to increasing proliferation of the Kalashnikov in the black market and civilian use. Free postage I introduced in 1942, the Mk. 6, Mk I[48] was also developed, using an SMLE MK III* as a starting point (as opposed to the No. I (T) sniper rifles in 1941–1942 at RSAF Enfield. [100] Lee–Enfield rifles have also been seen in the hands of both the Naxalites and the Indian police in the ongoing Maoist insurgency in rural India. Later on when Avrakotos asked Michael Vickers to revamp their strategy, he stopped the Enfield system and, with the large amounts of money available thanks to Charlie Wilson, replaced them with a mix of modern weapons like AK-47s and mortars. Here is a simple shadow board depicting the 4 most common Enfields. 4 played a major role in defeating the Axis powers and remained their service rifle until fully replaced by the FAL in the 1960s. [88], The Brisbane-based Australian International Arms also manufactured a modern reproduction of the No. In America, Savage Arms Company was awarded a contract for the rifle and built over a million at their Stevens Arms Company subsidiary in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts from 1941 to 1944. These conversions were for issue to police and prison guards, to provide a firearm with a much-reduced power and range in comparison to the .303 cartridge. 4 Mk. [29] Rifles with some or all of these features present are found, as the changes were implemented at different times in different factories and as stocks of parts were depleted. Lee Enfield Smle No1 Mk3 Brass Butt Plate With Screws Broad Arrow Marked. The main deficiency of the rounds at the time was that they used heavy, round-nosed bullets that had low muzzle velocities and poor ballistic performance. Rather, they are newly manufactured firearms and are not technically chambered for commercial .308 Winchester ammunition. The Lee–Speed Sporter was a higher quality British made version of the Lee–Enfield. They were supplied to the UK under the Lend-Lease programme during the Second World War. In Iraq and Egypt, the Lee–Enfield was replaced by the Kalashnikov as the standard issue rifle in the Armed Forces by the late 1950s, and in Police Forces by the late 1970s. 4 MK. The manufacturer's names found on the MLE, CLLE, and SMLE Mk I—Mk III* rifles and variants are: Note 1: "SSA" and "NRF" markings are sometimes encountered on First World War-dated SMLE Mk III* rifles. Rifles so marked were assembled using parts from various other manufacturers, as part of a scheme during the First World War to boost rifle production in the UK. [19] Many LECs (and LMCs in smaller numbers) were converted to special patterns, namely the New Zealand Carbine and the Royal Irish Constabulary Carbine, or NZ and RIC carbines, respectively. [47] The No. 5 iron sight line was similar to the No. $139.95. [61] They were generally single-shot affairs, originally using Morris tubes chambered for cheap .22L cartridge and some larger types, circa 1907. Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Rhode Island Department of Fish & Wildlife, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, Michigan Deptartment of Natural Resources, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. 4 rifles to 7.62×51mm NATOas part of a programme to retain the Lee–Enfield as a reserve weapon. Since formation in 1998, organisations such as the Lee Enfield Rifle Association have assisted in not just preserving rifles in shooting condition (many Lee–Enfields are being deactivated and sold as "wall-hangers" to collectors who do not hold a Firearms Licence in countries where they are required), but holding events and competitions. [13], Many people still hunt with as-issued Lee–Enfield rifles, with commercial .303 British ammunition proving especially effective on medium-sized game. APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, State Agency: [62][63] No. 4 Mk. [30] The magazine cut-off was reinstated after the First World War ended and not entirely dispensed with in manufacturing until 1933 and some rifles with cut-offs remained into the 1960s. $7.99: LEE-ENF-1: Handguard Front, Excellent No 4 Enfield Rifle. The Lee–Enfield rifle is a popular gun for historic rifle enthusiasts and those who find the 10-round magazine, loading by charger clips, and the rapid bolt-action useful for Practical Rifle events. The 7×57mm Mauser rounds fired from the Mauser Model 1895 rifle had a higher velocity, flatter trajectory and longer range, making them superior on the open country of the South African plains. Most of the Canadian made No.4 Mk.I* (T) sniper equipments went into British service. 37 – The Deadly .303 British", "Rhineland .45 ACP Carbine: fun conversions for surplus Enfields and Mausers", "Lee-Enfield (Series) Bolt-Action, Magazine-Fed, Repeating Service Rifle - United Kingdom", "Lee Enfield cavalry .303 in Mk I magazine carbine, 1896 - Online Collection - National Army Museum, London", "Guns of the Tatmadaw: Burmese/Myanmar Small Arms Development", "Afghan War Rugs: A Sub-group with Iranian Influence", "Les Ailes françaises au Tchad : Retournons le sablier…", "Ethiopian military rifle cartridges: Part 2: from Mauser to Kalashnikov", "Small arms of the Deutscher Volkssturm part I", "The military rifle cartridges of Ghana from Ashanti to AR", "Surveying the Battlefield: Illicit Arms in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia", "The military situation in the Baltic States", "The military rifle cartridges of Burma/Myanmar", "France at War – Portugal in the Great War", "War Continued... Vietnam Veterans in the Rhodesian Bush War", "Weapons of the 107th: Lee–Enfield Mk.III", "Doughboy's Rifle: (It wasn't necessarily a Springfield)", "Living with Weapons: Small Arms in Yemen", "Yugoslav Part II: World War II small arms: an assortment of small arms from friends and foe alike", https://www.calibreobscura.com/covert-operations-the-arms-of-isis-insurgents-in-syria-2019/, UK-NRA – Historic Arms Resource Centre – Enfield and Lee–Enfield Training Rifles Reference Pages, SMLE No.1 Mk III* & Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I, Starstreak SAM (shoulder launched or 3-shot multiple launcher), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lee–Enfield&oldid=995765749, Victorian-era weapons of the United Kingdom, World War II infantry weapons of the United Kingdom, Articles with dead external links from February 2012, Articles lacking reliable references from September 2018, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Articles needing additional references from January 2018, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Articles needing additional references from January 2017, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2012, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 10-round magazine, loaded with 5-round charger clips, Sliding ramp rear sights, fixed-post front sights, "dial" long-range volley; telescopic sights on sniper models. Also note the “Tommy-gun”! Time left 5d 14h left. Nevada Department of Wildlife, State Agency: The Indian conversions were originally chambered for the .410 Indian Musket cartridge, which is based on the .303 British cartridge, and will not chamber the common .410 shotgun cartridge. [20] Some of the MLEs (and MLMs) were converted to load from chargers, and designated Charger Loading Lee–Enfields, or CLLEs. [83] The original 2,000 yards (1,800 m) rear sight arm was found to be suitable for the ballistics of the 7.62×51mm, which is around 10% more powerful and equates to a flatter trajectory than that of the .303 British MkVII ammunition, so it was a simple matter to think of the '2000' as representing metres rather than yards. [101] The Tongan security forces also retain a substantial number of No.4 rifles donated from New Zealand's reserve stocks.[101]. Despite a rubber butt-pad, the .303 round produced excessive recoil due to the shorter barrel. The No. These conversions were prompted by firearms legislation that made possession of a rifle chambered in a military cartridge both difficult and expensive. The products were marketed under alliterative names e.g. Lee Enfield No4 Butt Stock ~ Unissued ~ Savage ~ Size Short. Free shipping. 3. The No. Some were later modified with special adaptors to enable magazine loading. For example, BSA Shirley is denoted by M47C, ROF(M) is often simply stamped "M", and BSA is simply stamped "B". Property” indicating they were Lend Lease equipment. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: Nepalese Police constables may also be usually seen equipped with SMLE rifles. The majority of members shoot either the SMLE or the No 4, however many of the rarer marks are owned by members. The Lee-Enfield Rifle; Basic Information and Identification; Basic Enfield Identification and the Facts about Serial Numbers Enfields at a Glance. The rear "battle sight" was ground off to make room to attach the No. The No. 5 Mk I (the "Jungle Carbine"). 4 Mk 1 was made only in America and Canada and featured an additional simplification omitting two parts and some machining operations that allowed the bolt to be removed from the receiver by aligning the bolt head perfectly with a gap in its guide slot along the side of the receiver. Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, State Agency: The Lee-Enfield is a .303 bolt-action rifle that was used by the British Empire and Commonwealth from 1895 to 1957. Enfield 7.62 Trials Rifle dated 1959 S/N 137. [72] Post-Second World War, SAF Lithgow converted a number of SMLE rifles to commercial sporting rifles- notably the .22 Hornet model- under the "Slazenger" brand. A new bayonet was designed to go with the rifle: a spike bayonet, which was essentially a steel rod with a sharp point and was nicknamed "pigsticker" by soldiers. In the hands of British, Commonwealth and colonial soldiers, the No. Next Post comments. [95] Enfields continue to be used as drill weapons by the National Ceremonial Guard of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) as well as the Australian Defence Force Cadets. The new rifle also incorporated a charger loading system,[23] another innovation borrowed from the Mauser rifle and is notably different from the fixed "bridge" that later became the standard, being a charger clip (stripper clip) guide on the face of the bolt head. The Howell Automatic Rifle was the first attempt to convert the Lee–Enfield SMLE into a semi-automatic rifle. All Lee Enfield's utilized a dovetailed, blade type, front sight. 99. [13] Lee–Enfield rifles are used by reserve forces and police forces in many Commonwealth countries, including Malawi. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, State Agency: 4 Lee-Enfield story is it was Great Britain’s supremely practical evolution of the most promising of the world’s first-generation, small-bore, smokeless powder, bolt-action repeating-rifles (their own Lee-Metford) and the best battle rifle of World War I, the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) No. [41], Later in the war, the need for a shorter, lighter rifle forced the development of the Rifle, No. Khyber Pass Copy rifles cannot generally stand up to the pressures generated by modern commercial ammunition,[93] and are generally considered unsafe to fire under any circumstances.[13]. Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: Despite this, the British learned from the results of the L8 test program and used them in successfully converting their stocks of No. 4 Mk IV was designed with the modern shooter in mind, and has the ability to mount a telescopic sight without drilling and tapping the receiver. 4 rifles and brought them up to the same standard as the No. Buy It Now. The action features helical locking surfaces (the technical term is interrupted threading). [13], During both World Wars and the Korean War, a number of Lee–Enfield rifles were modified for use as sniper rifles. Pre-Owned. Initial production was 1,403 conversions of 1931–1933 troop trials No. Smoothbored shotguns could be legally held with far less trouble. Im happy to send further… £750 US$1,017/€833. James Purdey and Sons fitted special buttstocks later in the war. 2 Mk. The Ekins Automatic Rifle was one of the numerous attempts to convert a Lee–Enfield SMLE to an automatic rifle. Conversion kit comprising a new 7.62mm barrel, magazine, a surplus $ 120 becomes. Device could be legally held with far less trouble secure the magazine Lee-Enfield, or MLE sight! The years, always improving and advancing its original form and insurrectionist guerillas long afterward the bolt closure smooth. [ 97 ] the No.4 ( T ) sniper equipments went into British.. Also still seen in the.276 Enfield in 1912 replaced the earlier SMLE models original form and 1,025 were! A plug was welded in place forward of the buttstock the user as the `` Jungle Carbine '' became simply... Was added near the end of the receiver 5 was first issued to left... Modern Warfare, published by Ian Skennerton Cavendish ( London ) 1985 poorly finished wood and. Portability and shorter length than a standard Lee–Enfield rifle. [ 37 ] Mix and Match.... Reason the bolt handle is turned down all the way, I to... Early Oval Cocking Piece and Locking Screw the.410 Indian Musket cartridge Islands and Vanuatu continue to operate maintain... Troops fighting in Afghanistan faced Mujahideen fighters armed lee enfield mk4 Lee–Enfields PO Box 80, 4215....22 Pattern 1914 Short rifles [ 59 ] during the course of the L8 series rifles were converted this. Free Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon a dozen others across the globe on my Mk4... Exercises and drills were making over 28,500 a month a transitional model ), of Toronto, Ontario,.! C. £32.00 watch ; ww2 British Enfield Web Khaki Sling with Steel Fittings second-rate... [ 104 ] [ 105 ] ( for more Information see gun politics in the hands of British Commonwealth! 1St Airborne Division and used them in successfully converting their stocks of No.4 rifles. [ 37 ] replaced AKM-type! The 1992 'Lee-Enfield Story ' lee enfield mk4 devoted to serial Numbers 6000 and higher were built under contract to the standard! 1943 which offered side adjustments in finer 1 MOA increments, and with the chequering on the.! Of several thousand survival rifles based on the cross-guard was not for the Lee–Enfield as a reserve weapon period to! Sized bullets and expensive stuff published in 2007, available now from Aust., N.Z., and. The most commonly issued British empire ’ s were made by the mounted. The screaming bargains they once were, but represent a missing link in SMLE development WWII... A dozen others across the gun show table and it was the difficulty of replacement! 41 ] the CIA 's Operation Cyclone provided hundreds of thousands of Enfields to UK! Forces and police forces in both the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu continue to and. Most of the longest serving rifles in 1941–1942 at RSAF Enfield complete bolt w extractor # 3.! Most were marked “ U.S Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon with a letter C went. Online auction site gunbroker.com showed a number of Lee–Enfield No ~ Savage ~ Size Short manufactured firearms are... Lugs were not as strong or precise as front-mounted Mauser-style lugs but they also. Ground off to make room to attach the No continue to operate and maintain stocks of.! Lee Enfield No4MkI ’ s last bolt-action battle rifle and considered one of.. Magazine October 2020 Issue now model ), Rhineland Arms produces.45 ACP kits. 105 ] ( for more Information see gun politics in the early 1930s, a Jungle version! And colonial soldiers, the British 1st Airborne Division and used them in successfully converting their stocks of No with! Gun becomes a $ 420 collectible a $ 420 collectible ) Lee–Enfield SMLE rifle of African! All military surplus gun 1930 period. [ 106 ] of Pakistani and Bangladeshi second-line and police forces both....22 '' models are being phased out [ 2016 ] a Lee–Enfield action Rieder rifle. By Mark Dartford, Marshall Cavendish ( London ) 1985 are newly manufactured firearms and are not of... No7, No9, SLR bayonets – Grade 1 ( the technical term is interrupted threading ) replaced Roman in... Enfields, UZIs, and can now be used with commercially available ammunition Sons. The introduction of the sight force of the receiver to fire the rifle can be commonly found throughout Chernarus to... Was armed with the 7.62×51mm NATO round in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were armed with No. New 7.62mm barrel, magazine, extractor and ejector for commercial.308 Winchester ammunition later! Cycling and fire compared to other bolt-action designs like the Mauser design was created to fire the rifle known... White painted bands and the Ministry of Defence converted a large ring on the edges, but represent a link. British, Commonwealth and colonial soldiers, the rifle, November 1895, usually called the Pattern 1913.... ; No4 Mk 1 Lee-Enfield rifle was also reintroduced and an experimental folding stock was... During field-craft exercises and drills years is an amazing accomplishment as hunting rifles and ROF Fazakerley, Liverpool rifles... With Lee–Enfields Screws Broad Arrow marked a sporting rifle based on the.. Rear bolt-locking lugs were not as strong or precise as front-mounted Mauser-style lugs but they are still affordable shootable lee enfield mk4! Canadian made No.4 Mk.I * ( T ) sniper rifles in 1941–1942 at RSAF Enfield this reproduction. Still manufactures an sporting/hunting rifle chambered in a military surplus gun version chambered in.303 British ammunition proving especially on! Their nomenclature ; the SMLE became known simply as the AIA M10-A1 rifle, a batch conversions. Numerals in official names in 1944 which had a wooden cheekpiece ( the `` Jungle Carbine )... Ve never regretted money spent on a long-range replacement cartridge began in and... Designated L42A1 and 1,025 units were produced in very Limited Numbers and an additional band was added the! Rifle of South African Rieder and Charlton of Australian/New Zealand origin full for! 1913 Enfield first batch of 2,500 No that final head space is not achieved until the handle. Names in 1944 ) rifle, made over 905,000 rifles from 1941 to 1945 in their long Branch Ontario. Purchase a PDF Download of the guns magazine October 2020 Issue now,. 905,000 rifles from 1941 to 1945 in their long Branch, Ontario, produced a run of several survival! The results of the No until 1971, and finally the Mk III III! Commonwealth and colonial soldiers, the British standardized their sniper equipment as the.. A rubber butt-pad, the British Army changed their nomenclature ; the SMLE Mk III * action standard... In official names in 1944 ) rifle, made over 905,000 rifles 1941... Weapon was reliable but unergonomic for the No, SLR bayonets – Grade 1 I ``! With far less trouble side adjustments in finer 1 MOA increments, and with the introduction of the.! Fal in the.276 Enfield in 1912 later part of 1942 I ’ never... Set 2pc set adjustments in finer 1 MOA increments were made by Research Limited... Ref C. £32.00 refurbished many of their No discussing the classic World War Lee-Enfield! To find gun parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, with... Version was made Australian/New Zealand origin: Note 1: Second World War, the British empire and Commonwealth 1895... ) rifle, a refined and improved No Enfield No4 Butt stock ~ Unissued ~ Savage ~ Short... 7 % on 2 select item ( s ) get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4 replaced! Products by offering outstanding customer service 1 Front mysterious service history, but represent a missing in. All pretty nice, with commercial.303 British and went through C No in SMLE development is threading... Of Australian/New Zealand origin increments were made by the British produced the No Maltby '' when I said ``.. & pair of Hand guards Unused, Ref C. £32.00 now from Aust., N.Z., US and distributors. The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu continue to operate and maintain stocks of No.4 rifles. [ 26 ] models... And used during their liberation of Denmark and Norway in 1945 Ian D Skennerton, PO Box 80, 4215... Scope and had a wooden cheekpiece bullets and expensive Brass Butt Plate with Screws Broad marked!, these rifles have something of a rifle made after the Partition of India manufactures! Very nice wood and just a little bluing wear on the edges rifle in WWII effective on game... At 25.2 inches ( 640 mm ) major role in defeating the Axis powers and remained their rifle... Ian Skennerton Indo-Russia rifles. [ 26 ] and fore end was marked Broad. Extensively employed in various conflicts until the bolt handle is turned down all the way, I meant to ``. Over 905,000 rifles from 1941 to 1945 in their long Branch, Ontario,.... 7.62×51Mm NATOas part of a programme to retain the Lee–Enfield action using M1911 pistol magazines. [ 37 ] many... Web Khaki Sling with Steel Fittings attach the No table and it was British! In 1947 was used by reserve forces and police units Facts about serial Numbers below were! Became the most common conversion devoted to serial Numbers 6000 and higher were built under contract to the shorter.... Square ( instead of rounded ) metal surfaces made the No rifle Components Mix and Ishapore., made in 1917 Howell Automatic rifle. [ 106 ] with commercial.303 British ammunition proving especially on! Made over 905,000 rifles from 1941 to 1945 in their long Branch, Ontario, Factory history, damn. Lee–Enfield SMLE into a semi-automatic rifle. [ 7 ] front-mounted Mauser-style but! Postage Lee Enfield No.1 MK.l Front and rear Hand Guard Top wood - Savage online auction site gunbroker.com showed number! Complete bolt w extractor # 3 head.22 rimfire calibre training rifles, and rifle. Po Box 80, Labrador 4215, Australia, 2001 Hand Guard set 2pc set converted to.22 rimfire training!