Just email me at webmaster@evilsponge.com. He’ll give you his Fishing Pole. for getting of the oar. Give him the Monocle and he’ll agree to captain the ship for you. Those of you with younger brothers or Walk along the jetty and enter the first shop which is the Woodsmiths. Enter the cottage and speak to the old man, Rum Rogers. This time you’ll do better but not good enough. Take the Plank and use it on the hole further up. the quote in action) and head on up. the main cabin. Ask about the coffin again, and close Characters IV. Use the coffin and row it all the way to the east, into the mouth. This time when he gets in the coffin use the Nails with the coffin to nail him inside. bedroom, use the useless book you checked out with the one on Mayor Phatt's Light the Dynamite with the Matches and then throw the Dynamite in the big hole. Now you LeChuck is standing in the room! you get to see a cool dream sequence. In exchange he’ll give you a Map Piece. She’s offering tours on her ship for a price. Head back to Woodtick and enter the bar. Use the Crazy Straw with the Green Drink but this time wait until the wind is blowing the ladie’s scarf before spitting. Now look at the crate on the shore, then open dock. the ground. You now have the book on famous pirate quotations! discovered gaping hole." I love point & click's but this has got to be the worst puzzle EVER! Now he is on the search for the famous treasure of Big Whoop. You begin just outside the town of Woodtick. Gorrilla and Vanilla envelopes, then open them. Use the plank to stand on it and then use the Reinforced Oar on the next hole. Take some Cheese Squigglies from the little creatures bowl and then open the only other door in the hotel to Largo’s room. Head outside and Open the trash can and pick up the Surgical Gloves. All you need here is the Stick so pick it up and go back to the map. I must find it before LeChuck finds me". picked the right coordinates, you'll see a ship with a monkey head figure Back to Scabb Island and head to the Cemetary. Use the Mirror that you picked up from the Antique Dealer with the mirror frame on the wall. Use the Cheese Squiggles in do... Well, you can wander around Woodtick and talk to everyone. and eventually he'll hop back out. Now head to the Inn. Woodsmith. Walk up to it and use the key, then Leave the store and speak to the Woman in the Big Hat. Stop at the sign. Go to the beach and pick up the stick laying on Win the Game: Young Lindy's Map Piece. Just head to the Video The rib bone is connected to the leg bone”. Hwk, then Chwww, then wait. LeChuck may teleport you around so it’s hard to give exact directions for the next items. Put your mirror in the mirror frame on the wall. After talking to her she’ll throw the Map Piece out the window. In "Monkey Island 2," hero Guybrush Threepwood has to do a lot of revolting things in his quest to find the treasure of Big Whoop, but few of them are more disgusting than the spitting contest. Choose one other title, it doesn’t matter which one, and remember it as well. hole. Use the rope to be lifted back up to the surface. Hehe. When the ship arrives at the spot you've Try to pick up the Bucket. You've now collected Rapp Scalion's Map Piece! Walk back to the path and go to the beach. Go to the Cemetery and walk up to the graves on the hill. Enter the second ship on your right to find Wally the cartographer. sign outside. to Largo's room and go inside. In this document, I will take you through the sections of each chapter, Go back to Mad Marty's and redeem the so, then head to Phatt Island. Use the winning number and select the Invitation as your prize. There's only one thing to Succeeding at the spitting contest requires careful preparation, precise timing and blatant cheating. Ask about the stew, When he challenges you to a competition show him the Fish you took from the mansion. Row to the hut and head in, then look at the jars on the shelf behind you Elaine will be gone. Now that you're Walk to the path and go to the Big Tree in the north of the island. the fishing rod! Booty Isle Walk to antique shop. Now, go out you'll learn that the key to his cell is being held in another part of Speak with the librarian and get a Library Card. Repeat for the next three verses. Monkey Island 2 was first published by LucasArts in 1991. Exit the shop and After Largo runs off you’ll be back with the Voodoo Lady. He’ll give you some money. Continue to the left and walk into the hotel. Not enough ratings Safe combination. Largo will get mud all over him and run off to the laundry to get his clothes washed. Head When you try to take it LeChuck will catch you and hang you alongside Wally over an acid pit. Talk to him and eventually You’ll emerge inside the fortress. Enter the kitchen and pick up a Fish. Once you're out of the crate, walk all the way to Take the Crispy Beard Bits. This time use the Crazy Straw with the Green Drink. This walkthrough is written with the intent of providing you an efficient way to achieve 100% on Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge in one playthrough. Leave and enter the room again. Lady. Remember Rapp's quote and look at all Hair cut? Use any response with Rumm Rogers Jr. but if Back out on the mansion grounds, follow the map piece move them all forward. Take the Small String from the table and walk to the east to speak with the Voodoo Lady. Walk to the fishing guy. Now when the challenge begins you’ll be fine but Rum Roger will pass out. Go to spitting contest. Leave the prison, walk to the right. Use the telescope Give the oar up for a sec, then take the repaired one Use the crate to climb inside. Open the door and go inside. to the shop owner. Give him a Map Piece and he’ll agree to put it together if you go to the Voodoo Hut and collect his love potion. You need the Party fish, so just give it to him. Genre: Adventure. Use the Crypt Key to open the middle crypt. markers were mysteriously moved) and get your prize. Now, head to For instance, if the first verse is: Finally, you'll come to a room with a big door. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Solution Walk-Thru Solve Part I: The Largo Embargo ~~~~~ You start on the bridge. The next time LeChuck shows up give him the Hankie and he’ll sneeze on it. "Excerpted from "The Memoirs of Guybrush Threepwood: The Monkey Island Years"" "I cursed my luck again as I slid down the monkey's throat. If you aimed right, it'll bounce around and put the candle There’s a path to the right which leads to where Wally is being held in a jail cell and a back tunnel which circles around and comes back to where you started. out and does it automatically. screen and watch...and point and laugh at the person sitting next to you. Enter back through the open window on the side of the boat to the kitchen. Share ; PC Keyboard Controls. Spit on the pan in the foreground once and then on the shield hanging up to the right twice. At this point, if you haven't already done so, Take the Dynamite from the chest. Use the Banana with the metronome and he’ll stop. Take the coffin back to the island and walk to the peninsula in the bottom left corner. Mad Marty's. stuff if you want to. Leave and go back to your ship. Show the guard your Invitation and then get changed into your Dress. the works and all. At this point you can talk to Herman Toothrot. shop and buy the saw. Prepare to die.” He challenges you to a drinking contest. The Innkeeper chases after him. Go to the Woodsmiths and pick up the Hammer and Nails. Fair enough. Use the Matches. The sun will shine a spot on the far wall of the cottage. Now open the box and pick up the rat. Step on the plank and get the oar, repeat as necessary until Guybrush This time you win, tah-dah! side-ish area. Give the Invitation to the salesman and he’ll give you your Dress. Head left again and head. Leave and go back to Dread’s ship. Throughout the walkthrough, I'll be highlighting the correct sentences to use in each situation like this: Open door . Take the next left and follow the path to a bag hanging from a tree. Go back to the crypt and use the Ash-2-Life potion on the ashes. Go back through the cave and go to your boat and sail to Scabb Island. Find the elevator and use the call button to go inside. Put the banana Once you get the winning number, head back to the game and give it a Upon ariving, try to walk off screen. of the Monkey Island name. Go back to Woodtick and head to the Inn. The rope will break and Guybrush falls down into a dark room. "When LeChuck wants you dead, you're dead", they say. They’ll turn back to life. Give him the monocle and the money, not necessarily selected, you automatically leap in and sink to the bottom. Talk to Captain Dread. of "All colors" and he'll have nothing more to teach you. Open the door and head in. It was the first game to use the iMUSE sound system.. Agree to do that, and then...do...that. Ask her about making a Voodoo Doll of Largo. Leave and go to the Big Tree. Take the challenge. When you're ready, head left and enter the jungle. Rapp comes back to life and you have a conversation. have from mixing the drinks, then enter the Spitting Contest. Walk to the right and enter Stan’s shop. It is only visible to you. leave the beach and travel to Woodtick, this island's local town. Ask them if the bucket belongs to them. Once in the master sty wrote the skeleton dance steps on. it is, so close the lid. Talk to LeChuck and he’ll tell you that he and Guybrush are brothers. OPEN THE JUJU BAG. Pick up the Bottle, the Crowbar and the Martini Glass and then use the Martini Glass on the ocean water. book you got from the Phatt belly. The full walkthrough for Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge can be found below. Guybrush will jump across to reach the chest as the ledges crumble. and will avoid having you pick up items specific for a different part at Enter the small shop to the left and buy the Old Saw, Ship’s Horn and Beware of Parrot Sign. party, and if you hang around the guests you'll hear some amusing dialoge. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki < Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Do this once more and you’ll find a Big X on the ground. Anywho, useing the She senses that Wally’s in trouble. Pick up the Broken Oar, head back to your ship and sail to Scabb Island. Walk through the tunnels and up to the cottage. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition Walkthrough . comes back in the contest begins and you win. you need to go to the swamp so leave town when you're ready. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge. After buying the mirror, head to the Big Walk … When the contestant wins follow him out of the alley and into the next alley beyond the library. Tell the guy Go left or right, either way, Largo will shake you down and mug you and steal your fundage. Once you’re up the top walk to the lookout and take the Telescope. PICK UP SIGN. Keep walking to the right and eventually you'll Other pirates tell me there's no escape. Using the boat on the Monkey Island map, you can now row around to the north side of the island, do this and click on the Beach to land the boat. to head to the antique shop and sell your new plaque. Enter the competition and you’ll fail. talk to the old geezer by the cannon for a while, and you'll find out that The first time he holds up a number of fingers is the answer to the question. Use the crazy straw with the green concoction you Defeat LeChuck! this time. go through the door which leads back out to the alley on Melee Island. will be on. Walk up to the top of the waterfall and use the Monkey on the pump to stop the flow of water. Go back to the swamp and open the crate. (from the Gorilla envelope) on the metronome, then pick up Jojo and leave. Pick up the cliff. off. While Monkey Island 2 is technically point and click, you still have to construct primitive sentences using the verb list at the bottom left of the screen to get your character to do anything useful. Walk to the left and go up the path. Look at it Use the plank in the tree and then use the Oar on the next hole in the tree. Now head to Mad Marty's. Give him the Model Lighthouse Lens so that he can see. The and the rat will be captured. Now head outside and open the left hand window on the house. After LeChuck stops talking use the Crazy Straw with the Green Drink. A remake was made in 2010 for the PC and released later in 2017 for the Xbox One. Now you can buy the Mirror. from the bucket and then leave again. Turning the Lights Out 10 Complete the game by using object highlighting five times or less. You need to really kiss some behind here, so choose the nicest/mushiest The map piece is on sale there for 6 million pieces of eight. Heh...or press CTRL + ALT + W at any point in the game, into the bar kitchen and plot the rat into the pot. Congratulations on completing Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge! Once outside the shop, talk to Captain Kate Capsize (lady with the flyers) way you came in. Open the door, then Take the Crypt Key and leave the store. After landing on the island, click anywhere on the play area to regain control. and then pick up some ashes, then leave. and Bernard will soon get fired and you get a job.