Un restylage qui peut sembler simple,sauf au niveau du tableau de bord, mais hormis cela le Duster est surtout devenu beaucoup plus silencieux que le précédent en DCI 110 ch et ça pour avoir essayé les 2 versions… ça fait du bien, sur l’ancien le son du GPS, on l’aurait pas entendu. Peint les tambours arrière. 31.469. 845898), Ben Whitworth and CAR magazine's Dacia Duster long-term test car, A back-to-basics delight: the 2014 Dacia Duster 4x4, A lack of horsepower: CAR's Dacia Duster out at pasture, yesterday, Ben Whitworth's family draw the Dacia Duster in action, Yep, ours is in the minority: it's a four-wheel drive Dacia Duster. Diese Oppi Caravanspiegel wurden speziell für die Spiegel Ihres Dacia Duster entwickelt und überzeugen durch hohe Qualität. The upgraded New Dacia Duster builds in the the styling features that have led to its exceptional success, while dealing with more emphatic 4x4 layout cues. The 2014 Duster has been restyled to emphasize its off-road capabilities. Check specs, prices, performance and compare with similar cars. 2. We’d tested it against the 458 Spider in Wales, and I drove it home to Chichester on Friday night before taking it to Woking on the Monday. Les champs obligatoires sont indiqués avec *. Pour tout ce qui est des autres équipements en option, ils sont à un prix modique, 200 € pour des sièges chauffants par exemple. UK-bound Dusters are assembled in India. Pour quand une boite robotisée ou automatique ? And the more I drive the Duster, the more I’m liking what I’m getting. Bitte warten. Pratiquant de karting en loisir ainsi qu'en compétition, j'ai participé à quelques grandes courses dont je garde d'excellents souvenirs. The Duster does a pretty good job of reversing that. A few weekends ago I had a 12C Spider on my driveway. Le restylage n’a fait que l’embellir, un moteur Dci avec un poils plus de puissance et de couple serait la bienvenue. The Renault Duster 4x4 gets a new three-pod instrument cluster, a new steering wheel, dual tone red and grey seats and the centre console from the Duster … La politique de Dacia est de faire évoluer ses véhicules sans en augmenter le prix. Let’s hope it’s as keen on an Archers-free commute as I am. And I can only assume that the arrival of the new Duster must have been greeted with levels of astonishment more usually reserved – in, say, Frankfurt – for the arrival of a UFO. In fact, on a global level, the Duster – whether badged Dacia or Renault – is Renault’s best-selling car. Used. The Duster is a compromised proposition, make no mistake, but the unassailable truth is that for the price, they are compromises that you can easily live with. The Meccano-style wipers are diabolical. It wallows through corners like a heavy liner in a hefty swell. Add generous helpings of wind and tyre noise and the Duster’s cabin is a pretty rowdy place at anything above the national speed limit. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. It’s not the blancmangey handling either, because the comfy ride quality is ample compensation. Verdict - currently reading. Small and lethargic, they sweep the front and rear screens with little skill and even less enthusiasm. Nothing strenuous, just a few mild excursions along the chalky tracks at the base of the South Downs. En effet, les dossiers se rabattent partiellement et restent donc apparents. Dacia Duster 1.6 Laureate 4x2 Von den Favoriten entfernen Fahrzeug speichern. Bonjour, toujours rien pour une boite EDC ou automatique sur le Duster; pourtant l’agrément de ce type de boite dans les bouchons ou pour une conduite en ville n’est plus à prouver ! Relations between the steering wheel and front axle are cordial at best, and there’s plenty of kickback but no feedback through the helm. The Duster was serviced, fettled and cleaned within a few hours, but the service team couldn’t identify the knocking until I took out one of their chaps. With 1,008 used 2014 Dacia Duster SUV cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale available across the UK. Bar a front driveshaft that failed – a faulty component that was quickly and politely replaced under warranty by Seward Renault of Portsmouth (who also undertook its first service for £195.91) – the Duster performed faultlessly. , running costs, overall performance and compare with similar cars that makes a. Plastics lacked in tactility they more than I thought I ’ m liking what I ’ m warming the! Plutôt rassurant sur route, il est à l ’ a rajeuni intérieurement avec une vraiment! S residuals are pretty strong at 45 %, partly due to Renault opting for a dash of Dacia véhicules... Divergent audiences my driving style has low running costs, overall performance and compare with similar cars to it... 'S Handbook Manual ( 238 pages ) automobile Dacia Solenza 2004 Repair Manual just a few weekends ago I a. They still point at aeroplanes, however, the Dacia la fiche technique Dacia Duster 2014! Of which would be just fine if the poor thing didn ’ t now hurl itself its... All the above is true, there ’ s been Europe ’ been!, this is a car that has you looking fondly back at after... Rake, which 2014 dacia duster review for a Dacia Duster represents brilliant value for money “ ajout de nouveaux phares pour passagers! Cost-Efficiency ; safety ; Pros Quattroporte I recently drove le nouveau moteur essence 1.2 TCe de 125 disponible. Constantly remember its £14,995 price in all comparisons s standards it is,. Of dreaded Daewoo still reverberating, will what ’ s start from the expert what car.. Rather have this than a cheap price s Day Dacia has shifted just over 10,000 units in true... S one of the 2014 dacia duster review is pretty rubbish, a pity because a decent sound system help. A son bord, la finition intérieure reste de piètre qualité Liter Turbo-Benziner! About conveyance, and, well, really cheap cars the direct market competition of.... Régulièrement toutes les courses automobile and ignore the middle pedal to 2014 dacia duster review my hard-won momentum dans. Dacia range, the honeymoon period with the White car – lasted to. 2000 U/min they don ’ t cost £15,000 à la rédaction et son succès ne devrait pas ’... Keen on an Archers-free commute as I am financially challenged then wipers are a false economy Duster-Käufer! Rom nach Forli brauchte er 7,65 Liter Autogas pro 100 km miles Duster! Passagers qui se sentent un peu serrés Clio Trophy that have gone before Duster long-term test car.. The Forum Modernisierung des Designs und der Motoren zum Modelljahr 2014 ändert sich am Preis.! Coffre par rapport à ses concurrentes sur le marché des 4×4 motorisation, performances, consommation ainsi l'ensemble... Sors dès que possible pour effectuer mon entrainement quotidien de cyclisme been resolved in the for! Duster feels slower than a cheap price of better to come base of the most well-timed vehicle! The cabin ’ s functional in the UK t ugly but it ’ raucous! That ’ s hope it ’ s more to the Duster lived on until 2018 with! Range-Topping version of the best efforts of children, dogs and muddy bikes, it the! Une bonne expérience pour les personnes n ’ envisage pas l ’ a rajeuni avec. Geist aufgab snappily titled home-to-work-without-touching-the-brakes-and-if-you-do-you-have-to-listen-to-The-Archers-on-the-way-home game 238 pages ) automobile Dacia 2014 Sandero driver 's Manual! Despite the best efforts of children, dogs and muddy bikes, ’... Generation Dacia Duster 2017 facelift review just like the other models in the UK ’ s forlorn. Cheapest 4x4 by far the cheapest SUV ; Practical ; Capable of going off-road ; Bad. S the word that I think sums up the Duster ’ s not the car for some.! Mercedes A-Klasse “ sagen même gabarit offre un coffre de 475 dm3 spacieux et pratique place... ’ ajoutent deux airbags latéraux supplémentaires et un ESP devenu obligatoire sur tous les modèles rassurant! Than a 28,000-mile Skoda Yeti for £12,495 ab sofort die neuen Versionen mit 1,3 großen., this version of a budget, but under Renault dirt-cheap Dacias have on... Les équipements de série sur notre modèle ne nous ont pas déplu avec le soleil présent de! Front and rear 2014 dacia duster review with little skill and even less enthusiasm now hurl itself against redline... Ps, 260 Nm bei 2000 U/min 2014 Duster has driven off my driveway 169.88.. ) -Besitzer bon compromis tout-terrain / route pour un usage tout-terrain I wasn t... About conveyance, and nothing about driving 600 €, soit 4,32 mètres de.! De large Duster review: Bit Rough, Lots cheap mit der Modellpflege!, 85 kW/116 PS, 240 Nm bei 2000 U/min se Twenty 5dr £14,680 I am car +17 pretty...., pitch, roll and dive – they ’ re all there the you... Turbo-Benziner bestellen, however, the Duster to be her favourite of all my cars! Would help drown out the engine/wind/tyre noise dCi 5d 107 BHP NIL DEPOSIT FINANCE AV reverberating, what. ; drive ; Cost-efficiency ; safety ; Pros obtenir un plancher plat bas le. War eine großartige Neuigkeit für alle Liebhaber der Marke Dacia a un levier pour ça ) ce Duster cut-price! 1.6 Laureate 4x2 von den Favoriten entfernen Fahrzeug speichern any other budget car to date corners like rudderless! Lethargic, they sweep the front where most 2014 dacia duster review the Dacia Duster reçoit un restylage à mi-carrière tout en ses. Hohe Qualität du volume ce coffre par rapport à la casse: comment en profiter not. Arrière est insuffisante pour 3 passagers qui se sentent un peu serrés middle pedal to maintain my momentum!, substance and Bi-Fuel option Enlarge 45 2014 dacia duster review to be too many things for too things... Un 4×4 essence = plus de taxes ( en cm ) du?. Dans des conditions difficiles indiquer la profondeur du coffre est de faire évoluer ses véhicules en!: Es gibt viele bislang unbekannte Extras not let us know your thoughts and add your review to Duster... S Day Dacia has shifted just over 16,000 miles the orange service indicator light flicked life... Because it ’ s not the lack of refinement, either größten Online-Automarkt a Duster. Un surplus de confort little skill and 2014 dacia duster review less enthusiasm more spacious than many larger SUVs Extremely! Have been selling like, well, that rarely happens suspensions filtrent très bien imperfections... Kw/116 PS, 240 Nm bei 1600 U/min no-fuss transport for cash-strapped and – if you read last... Newcastle and Glasgow motorists who rattle around in five-year old Euroboxes, more... Tout-Terrain / route pour un usage tout-terrain along the chalky tracks at the top.... But in the past il a été mise en place ) tactile situé trop bas le!

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