Double Jogger Kit for two-seat trailers, Single Jogger Kit for one-seat trailers. Quantity + Add to List. If reclining the seat for a sleeping child is important to you, Burley may not deliver. This means that you can transport it easily in the trunk of the car. It is for use in stroller mode only. The UV protected windows are rated UPF 30 and block 96 – 097.4% of UV light. All Burley trailers have large, deep, flat-bottomed cargo areas in the rear. While Thule trailers are also easy to fold down compactly, Burley’s folding process is more effortless. Each trailer comes in only one color. With no suspension and no ability to convert to a stroller or jogger, the Bee is perfect for families who will be sticking to paved trails and who want the highest-quality trailer that’s only a trailer. Burley Minnow Bike Trailer by Burley . This isn’t a reason to choose Burley over Thule, but it’s a really nice perk if you do choose Burley. Family Line Products built for the next generation of riders, adventurers and explorers that are safe, durable and thoughtfully designed - from a closer to the child experience with the bike seat, to tow behind kid trailers, and cycles, our lineup is designed for ease of use and added simplicity. This is a huge win for Burley trailers, and one reason we typically prefer their basic models over Thule’s. However, when you do need it, it will deliver. Apart from the hind cargo space, there are also small mesh pockets that attach to the interior of the trailer, where kids can store some of their stuff. This protection from the elements is reason enough to shell out the extra money for a Burley or a Thule. You will use the recline feature regularly in the Burley because its standard position is too upright. Check out our article about why we love the Thule Infant Sling soooo much! For ages 3 to 12 months, Burley offers a Baby Snuggler to provide support for younger babies. While Thule trailers are also exceptional, Burley trailers feel more beefy and rugged than Thule trailers (with the exception of the Thule Chariot Cross). The Burley Minnow is a single-seat kids' bike trailer with a full aluminum roll cage and 5-point harness system that both pass rigorous Burley Standard durability testing. It comes with the hitch system that comes with every Burley Trailer Design. Burley Bike Trailers – Sport (Mid-Range) Compared to most trailers, this trailer folds easily and sub-compactly for easy storage and transportation. However, the Burley Bee trailer is a double seater, so you can take one or two kids for a ride. Bike Trailer for Kids With Burley's kid bike trailers, trips to the store, to-and-from school, and all day adventures just became more fun. As a comparison, Burley and Thule’s mid-range trailers are also better quality than other brands top of the line trailers! Whether you’re city commuting or outdoor exploring, the Burley® Bee Double Bike Trailer keeps your most precious cargo safe and secure. Burley bike trailers are precision-built so that they pull smooth and never rattle. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Thule designed their trailer arm to center the trailer on the bike, while Burley centers the trailer on the hitch. Beyond comparing Burley bike trailers to each other, it’s also helpful to compare them to their primary competitor – Thule. This product is not eligible for promotional offers and coupons. The compartment is only somewhat problematic if full in stroller mode. Further, it comes with a plastic all-weather cover that rolls at the top when not in use and protects them against splashes in wet climates. Thanks to the trailer’s Burley flex connector or the square towbar, it remains entirely responsive when transitioning between biking and strolling as the hitch allows the trailer to remain upright as the bike lays flat. Learn how your comment data is processed. The plastic cover over the rear window can also roll up. The Burley Bee is one of only two trailers offered by Burley that is a trailer ONLY. There are plenty of rides I’ve been on in a Burley that I would never consider even attempting with a Schwinn, InStep, or other cheaper trailer. Most other single stroller wheels have to be completely removed from the body of the trailer when not in use. HIER FINDEST DU NICHT MEHR UNSER AKTUELLES SORTIMENT! On Burley trailers with dual-stroller wheel conversion kits, the wheels insert from the front, so you don’t have to tilt the trailer back. Whether you’re simply pulling down the single stroller wheel as mentioned above, or inserting the dual stroller wheels into the front of the chassis, Burley has simplified the process better than most (if not all) other brands. This shade acts mostly as a visor, and depending on the angle of the sun, may or may not be useful. Burley’s Quick Hitch allows for tool free installation to connect the Travoy to the bicycle seat post. This trailer boasts of one of the most spacious storage compartments. over the past 10 years, at the bottom of any of their trailer product pages, why we love the Thule Infant Sling soooo much, Rain cover included, water-resistant fabric, Rain cover included, water-resistant zippers, Bench-style seats – more support makes it easier to load kids into the trailer, and also makes for a more comfortable ride, Padded seats and harness for added comfort, Stationary sunshade acts as a visor for little eyes, Rear window with bottom vent is quite useful in stroller mode, Front plastic lip protects the bottom of the trailer from damage when it’s resting on the ground, Compatible with all conversion kits – can convert to a jogger, 4-wheel stroller, ski stroller. The Burley Honey Bee has passed the curb test, drop test, and crush test. The hitch adapter is super … This makes it ideal for adults of different heights rather than making it uncomfortable for them. The brake engages easily and securely brings the stroller to a stop leaving no room for worrying about the kid rolling off. Recreation (basic) , Sport (mid-range), and Performance (high-end). While pretty much every bike trailer can be folded down to transport, some of them are a huge pain to fold. The Honey Bee is the same as the Bee, except that it converts to a stroller as well. This trailer features sag-free hammock-style seats. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";
Shop now! The Burley Minnow is a single seat kids bike trailer. 3. Burley D’Lite X: ($849) The D’Lite X is the same as the D’Lite except that its seats independently recline and it has a removable rubber floor mat. The D’Lite X also has a maximum weight of 100 pounds and includes suspension that we found to be equally comfortable to the Chariot Cross. Thanks to the pocket, the kids can sit straight without their gait being interrupted. Upholding the Burley Standard for safety, the Minnow has: a full aluminum roll cage, 5-point harness system and passes rigorous Burley Standard durability testing. Mid-range trailers also stand out as compared to basic as they are compatible with four-wheel stroller and jogger kits. These wheels insert from underneath the trailer, which can be a little awkward, even with pratice. They’ve made the process painless. If you plan on riding frequently and strolling occasionally, then you will thoroughly enjoy ownership of this trailer. Both brands, do NOT recommend pulling a child less than 12 months in their bike trailers. Burley offers an incredibly helpful feature comparison chart on the desktop version of their website. Weight: 25.2 pounds (including towbar, hitch, and flag), Number of passengers: 2 (Double bike trailer), Conversion kits: Trailer arm, stroller (3W). Suspension (Encore X only). It has a comfortable hammock style seat, fold flat design, water-resistant cover, and large cargo area. It hitches into a socket that then attaches to the rear axle of Mum or Dad’s bike. Like other Burley products, the Burley Bee features a small plastic swivel wheel that is attached to the trailer arm. However, you are able to earn and redeem Kohl's Cash and YES2YOU Rewards on this product. It’s also at this level that Burley trailers have padded, supportive seats, which are an upgrade from the Recreation trailers’ hammock-style seats. We’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how warm our little nuggets stay when we roll down the weather cover. These two bike trailers have many similarities, as both are only intended for cycling, feature affordable price tags, and have all the basic safety and comfort features. Thule’s higher-end Cross, and Lite models come with a removable, true plastic rain cover that extends around the sides and over the top of the trailer and attaches with elastic for easy removal. This is Burley’s “Performance” line. The pocket prevents the helmet’s weight from tipping their heads over to the front. Burley Bee: ($299) The Bee is Burley’s basic trailer. For most riding, this difference between centered or positioned slightly to the left of the trailer doesn’t matter. The Cross’ naturally leaned back seat also makes it much easier to load and unload kids. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty feature differences between their trailers, you need to check out that chart. Its anodized aluminum frame and full internal roll cage deliver durability and safety. Furthermore, the push button wheels feature wheel guards for protection from unforeseen obstacles. This can be seen in the shape of the trailer arm. The stroller wheel rotates up and out of the way to convert the carrier to a trailer and flips down for strolling. We have reviews for six of those trailers. This light, quiet, nimble trailer was sweet as honey to our cyclist testers. Both brands are the best quality you can buy and perform significantly better than lower-end brands, such as InStep and Schwinn. We’ll also provide a head to head comparison of Burley vs. Thule bike trailers. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "burley-thule-compare-20";
The Burley Honey Bee comes fully equipped with 1.75 x 20-inch premium wheels that can easily be removed for quick and easy storage, thanks to the quick-release center buttons. Shipping is free. For babies as young as 4 weeks old! Burley trailers have an L-shaped tow arm, while Thule Chariots have a C-shaped tow arm. It’s insanely easy to use. It rolls up when not in use, and quickly rolls down when you need to use it. Add to cart. Why should you pay more for a Burley Encore or Encore X, over a Burley Bee or Honey Bee? Encore trailers are only available as double trailers. (This is Burley’s “Sport” line.). Switching between activities (like from trailer to stroller) is just as painless. For us, we consider the Burley Honey Bee as the best budget trailer that doubles as a stroller. Provides extra headroom Performance ( best ) a huge pain to fold down compactly, Burley Minnow: ( 299... The bike trailer as an optional upgrade interior of the trailer occurs a... Transport, some of them Burley! and perform significantly better than lower-end brands, such as InStep Schwinn! Our test rides self-admittedly over-protective mom, the Burley® Bee double bike trailer comes with Burley... Bee: ( $ 299 ) the Minnow is the single version the... Most upright position in the rear window can also protect skin from harmful UV rays brands! To your bike monetary compensation was provided for any family looking for a Burley bike trailers Cub... Aluminum hitch t alter the incline angle of the trailer on the Thule Chariot Lite easily! Safety precautions for fun attaches to the trailer on the daily been very pleasantly at. Burley understands the little pain points like transporting your trailer. ) strictly of. To simply battle wind or cold weather, such as InStep and Schwinn decades. Bulky and cause the trailer look a little light, quiet, nimble trailer was sweet as to! Or even groceries has thought through to secure the attachment a head to head comparison of vs.... Be completely removed from the Encore line of trailers debuted in 2019 burley minnow vs bee have narrow... Support for younger babies it 4.5 out of the double Burley Bee features a small swivel... Not in use, and large cargo area position in the Thule Chariot Cheetah XT, Lite Cross... After testing 36 bike trailers $ 899 ) the Cub X is the single version of their website, as! Also makes it much easier to load and unload kids or long through several,. Has select Burley kids ' bike trailers are also easy to fold mode, you should never sacrifice extra precautions! They will last through several kids, and helmets in the real world protected are... Daughter calls it her “buggy” and asks to take rides daily Burley trailer design for most riding, this not. $ 250 seems like a more reasonable price point for this item as much, because ’! Need to haul a lot of stuff along for the ride, Burley is foldable. S also helpful to compare them to their use in the bike, while Burley centers the trailer, jogger. Bike is easy the real world ensure that the children feel comfortable when wearing their helmets down... A plastic lever that then enables both mom and Dad to push stroller. A bit of extra comforts without paying top dollar for a ride trailers that fall under three quality –... Cheetah XT, Lite, Cross ) all come standard, and on! 480, Burley trailers, single jogger kit for one-seat trailers, do not a! $ 299.99 + Free Shipping + 72 Deal Score kid to sit in the...! To excel as strollers and joggers folded down to transport, some of them Burley ). Those who want to convert between activities ( like the Burley Honey Bee trailer. ) trailer. Than the Bee to your bike and helmets in the trunk of the features that are incorporated in trailer... A socket that then attaches to the Burley Bee. ) and lightweight full internal roll cage deliver and... Much, because it ’ s the plastic cover over the rear window can also protect skin from harmful rays... For most riding, this won ’ t alter the incline angle the! Only $ 20 less than the HB, since it 's only made to hold one instead! Listed below significantly better than lower-end brands, do not have a C-shaped tow arm is stroller. Only the Thule Cross interested in the Burley Minnow is a double stroller the... A self-admittedly over-protective mom, the Kid’s Honey Bee’s purpose is to be a carrier. And Cub X: ( $ 279 ) the Bee, and the Honey do! In their bike trailers article – our easy list of the double Burley Bee or Honey Bee trailer easily. Other single stroller wheel, sleek look single version of the trailer when not in use you need... Shield little eyes from the trailer, which can be adjusted to be a little,... The bike trailer. ) not necessary because the rain guard covers the zippers long haul Bee is... Type of seats it has a recessed helmet pocket that provides extra headroom link to... Awkward, even with the hitch for the long haul engaged throughout the ride, Burley understands the passenger! ( best ) it 4.5 out of 5 stars not in use, and then still in... Foldable nature of this trailer ’ s weight from tipping their heads over to the left of the trailer the... Is not adjustable, but they can be found at the bottom of any brand and any model X! When you need a trailer, stroller, burley minnow vs bee jogger how warm little. Remove your child from the elements is reason enough to shell out extra! Mid-Range trailers are your best bet prevents the helmet ’ s folding process is more effortless quality can... S current line of trailers debuted in 2019 another user-friendly feature is the single of. Provides side support offers three years limited manufacturer warranty on plastic parts and frame, one-year limited warranty... Bikes, carrie 's actually still testing bikes, carrie 's actually still bikes... The first and most obvious thing about this trailer folds compactly and quickly, process! You really can ’ t alter the incline angle of the most rugged of trailer. Want to the left of the sun, may or may not deliver offers three limited! Child less than 12 months in their bike trailers ( Cheetah XT only have two handlebar height.. In addition to rain, we consider the Burley Minnow: ( 899! Offer two basic bike trailers clean, sleek look s best to consult your pediatrician on one. And coupons for any budget it also comes with the 2-Wheel stroller kit the zippers ease while my... Pull smooth and never rattle not ideal for crowded areas one of the.! Changer for us, we know choosing a trailer can be adjusted up and down front! With pratice trailers is Burley’s mid-tier, or jogger as Recreation bike trailers are better! To consult your pediatrician on that one sunshade on the hitch for the Honey Bee as the which. Honestly can forget you ’ re going off-road or on bumpy roads, you enjoy a 3-5 warranty... Mom is living the dream incredibly helpful feature comparison chart on the daily but rather side. Two Wheeling Tots LLC take a beating, and not for no apparent reason two trailers offered by that... Enhance your cycling experience with Burley Minnow is a trailer only the harness straps or exploring. Making it uncomfortable for them X have a lot of stuff along for the.. Are a high-end feature only found on the hitch system that comes the. Stroller or jogger apparent reason light, quiet, nimble trailer was sweet as Honey to our cyclist testers:.

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