The team

Based in the Pyrenees mountains since 2010, pioneers in our approach, we know how complex and multi-faceted the micromobility challenges are.
Our design office brings together the complementary skills essential to the a comprehensive and panoramic approach of a light vehicle project.

core team

    Alexandre Guiral

    Founder and coordinator
    Project management – engineering – electronic cycle

    Frédéric Bernard

    Founder and coordinator
    Engineering – project management – product strategy

    Yann Cano

    Cycle engineering
    Project manager

    Nathan Ducroq

    Design engineer
    Design – modeling

    Benjamin Fraysse

    Calculation engineer
    Structural and vibratory studies – design

    Éric Muzy

    Product component manager
    Sourcing and strategy

    Denis Vinet

    Design engineer
    Design – modeling

    Nicolas Berchotteau

    Product component manager
    Sourcing and strategy

operational team

    Laurent Lamouric

    Design engineer
    Design – modeling – carbon manufacturing – founder of Loris Fibre

    Philippe Bonnefoy

    Product designer
    Design – modeling – founder of Atelier Mixture

    Franck Rodrigue

    Product designer
    Design – modeling

    Hélène Sanséau

    Communications consulting director
    Branding – “go to market” strategy – working at Formo studio

    François Malbezin

    Artistic director
    Branding – visual identity – marketing – working at Formo studio

    Simon André

    Test pilot
    Product strategy and testing

    Edgar Tournon

    Development engineer
    Electric traction systems – vehicle development and fine-tuning