How do you prefer your support ? Specialised or a more comprehensive and panoramic approach ?
Antidote Solutions provides concrete answers at each stage of the project. Depending on the topics, we offer a global way of thinking or a more focused approach.

brand strategy
product strategy

  • market studies for brand and product
  • brand positionning
  • "go to market" strategy
  • brand identity and communication

technical analysis
and design

  • product specifications
  • technical analysis
  • design cost analysis
  • product design


  • technical design
  • 3D modelling
  • FEM analysis
  • product management and component sourcing
  • bill of materials (BOM) and technical reports

and fine-tuning

  • prototyping supervision
  • shakedown and initial proof testing
  • "on field" testing
  • fine-tune set up


  • manufacturing process
  • production engineering
  • supply chain set up
  • product certification support
  • manufacturing supervision