Onboarding Denis Vinet

A new member joins the team, Denis Vinet as a design and modeling engineer. After training as a mechanical engineer, Denis started his career as a teacher of mechanics, then as a technical trainer for Claas tractors. Then? international after-sales service, experiences in industrial maintenance, then as a business engineer for Epur a start-up offering a digital milling machine for carpentry.

It was on the side of the track (logically) that he met Antidote Solutions. “I’d crashed my bike on a downhill. Fred was around. We started talking…”. In the design office, Denis is in charge of setting the product designer’s intentions to music.

“My job is to make the intentions real, to ensure that the geometry works and that the designed parts can be manufactured. This is the first time I’ve worked in the cycle industry, even though I’m crazy about bikes. I’ve been riding BMX all my life. Now I ride a mountain bike. I’ve got everything from gravel to downhill bikes. Joining Antidote Solutions means joining a team as passionate as I am.”

Denis Vinet

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