Onboarding Nathan Ducrocq

The team is growing with the arrival of Nathan Ducrocq as technical advisor. Ever since he was a child, Nathan has been interested in how the objects around him work. When he grew up, he logically opted to study mechanical engineering at the Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes – ENIT. This strategic choice enabled him to indulge his other passion: the mountains and land his first internship at Antidote. 6 months working on a test bench for electric drive trains. After a stopover in Quebec, he’ll be back in the Pyrenees in 2021, this time with MILC on a professionalization contract. Nathan’s approach to his new position is one of continuity.

« I’m involved in the mechanical design of tubular chassis and components. My time at Milc as a business manager gave me a good understanding of industrial manufacturing methods. This is very useful for designing efficient products. » 

Nathan Ducrocq

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