folding urban bike Bastille


The folding urban bike

Bastille’s idea : the creation of a large urban bicycle that is as easy to fold as a Yoyo push-chair. Antidote Solutions’ contribution: engineering input, calculations and advice on the choice of components..
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exploded view of the Bastille bicycle
close-up on the folding of the frame and saddle

Five years of working together

Our work for Bastille began in 2018. It was Gilles Henry who contacted us. Riding on the success of his compact Yoyo push-chair, Gilles was set on adapting his innovations to produce a proper folding bike. He wanted ultra-easy folding, compactness for storage and an excellent finished product. We started by working on the structural calculations and product nomenclature. Each component was meticulously chosen. We also helped with the engineering, prototyping and finally the full-scale production of the product and its release in October 2023..

A technical feat

In order to produce not just good folding capability but above all an excellent bicycle, I wanted to team up with true specialists. Who better than Antidote to marry expertise and passion? These five years of collaboration have been fantastic.” – Gilles Henry, founder and managing director of Bastille.

The Bastille urban bike features among the most demanding projects entrusted to Antidote Solutions. The folding requires a number of different manufacturing processes that make it unique. “It is a real exploit and we are proud to have played out part in it,” declared Alex Guiral.

close-up on the bike saddle
example of a Bastille bicycle folded in the street
Bastille bike parts diagram
Bastille bike in an urban context
close-up on a detail of the frame
view of the folded Bastille bike

Bastille Project

The segments in which we have operated

Brand Strategy
Product Strategy

market studies for brand and product

brand positionning

“go to market” strategy

brand indentity and communication


technical design
3D modeling

FEM analysis
product management and component sourcing
bills of materials (BOM) and technical reports

Prototyping and fine-tuning

prototyping supervision

shakedown and initial proof testing

“on field” testing

fine-tune set up


manufacturing process

production engineering

supply chain set up

product certification support

manufacturing supervision