Travel and everyday bikes

In the specifications, there was written versatility, modularity and ingenuity. We tell you how Antidote Solutions took this brief and created a unique customizable travel bike frame.
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Innovation for travel

The challenge: to create a versatile frame compatible with a wide variety of use cases: for recreational use as well as for everyday travel. We put our expertise in engineering, sourcing and product design at the service of the project. The result: a versatile and aesthetically pleasing bike. 

We love to help project leaders turn their ideas into reality. In the case of Compagnon, our role was crucial in the design of the framework. Working hand in hand with Benjamin, we developed the bike he had in his head. 

Alex Guiral, business manager on this project.

Compagnon: a brand of enthusiasts 

The Compagnon project was born from the passion for bike travel of Benjamin Gonthier and Florian Merlet, the founders of the brand.

Their vision? Capturing the spirit of adventure through a unique setting, adaptable to all terrains and all riders. From urban to hiking, gravel and off-road, the Compagnon offers a fully customizable cycling experience.

Compagnon Project

The segments in which we have operated

Brand Strategy
Product Strategy

market studies for brand and product

brand positionning

“go to market” strategy

brand indentity and communication


technical design

3D modeling

FEM analysis

product management and component sourcing

nomenclature et documentation technique

Prototyping and fine-tuning

prototyping supervision

shakedown and initial proof testing

“on field” testing

fine-tune set up


manufacturing process

production engineering

supply chain set up d’approvisionnement

product certification support

manufacturing supervision