Larrun electric bikes

A panoramic project

Larrun is a young electric bicycle brand of Basque origins (South-West of France) with great ambitions. By drawing on its roots, its know-how and its aspirations, we have participated in the design of the brand and its very own products.

Light spirit and French elegance

In 2019, Gilles Labrude came to us with the idea of creating a bike brand that would be Francophile and in tune with the current cycling habits.

Market research, strategic positioning, brand platform, visual identity, product design, functional specifications, sourcing… Antidotes Solutions deployed all its expertise on this project.

The Larrun trademarks

At the ProDays convention in Paris in July 2022, Larrun launched a range of four functional and elegant bike models : two city, one long-tail and one commuter. We have put all of our know-how and a lot of care into every detail.

A double tube frame

The design of Larrun bikes was inspired by travel bikes and the timeless aesthetics of the 1980s ones. An aesthetic that fits perfectly with the spirit of the brand, which is all lightness and elegance.

An integrated battery

On every Larrun bike, the battery and engine block are carefully integrated, a choice made in line with the brand’s sense of finesse and style.

Bold color codings

Since we love the aesthetics and spirit of the 80’s, we wanted to bring back the metallic paints of that era : workshop green, vintage orange, bronze or celestial blue… colours that bring style.

The Larrun Project

the segments in which we have operated

Brand strategy – product strategy

market studies for brand and product

brand positionning

“go to market” strategy

brand identity and communication


technical design

3D modelling

FEM analysis

product management and component sourcing

bill of materials (BOM) and technical reports

Prototyping and fine-tuning

prototyping supervision

shakedown and initial proof testing

“on field” testing

fine-tune set up


manufacturing process

production engineering

supply chain set up

product certification support

manufacturing supervision