Xubaka electric motorbike

The comeback of the motorbike

The emergence of electric engines has redefined the rules of light motor vehicles, Xubaka is redesigning the lines of these new generation motorbikes by calling on the technical expertise of Antidote Solutions.


Setting up the supply chain

When Benoit Marty contacted us in summer 2019, Sodium had a prototype of an electric moped, a light motorbike equivalent to 49.9 cc. We started the collaboration by working on the supply of the components. Brakes, stem, handlebars, wheels… We are offering a maximum of already industrialised bicycle pieces, which are therefore cheaper, lighter and well finished.

Industrialising the processes

In 2020, Xubaka entrusted us with a second mission : to design an industrial version of its electric motorbike. 3D modelling, drawing of parts… a first pre-series of 10 Sodium mopeds was released in autumn 2020. A series of 100 units then went into production at Milc Industry.

The collaboration continues

Today we are still working with Xubaka on the evolutionary and corrective maintenance part. This mainly includes : – the development and fine-tuning of the traction chain – the programming and configuration of the controller – the interfacing of new brakes with the Sodium chassis.

The Xubaka Project

the segments in which we have operated

Brand strategy – product strategy

market studies for brand and product

brand positionning

“go to market” strategy

brand identity and communication


technical design

3D modelling

FEM analysis

product management and component sourcing

bill of materials (BOM) and technical reports

Prototyping and fine-tuning

prototyping supervision

shakedown and initial proof testing

“on field” testing

fine-tune set up


manufacturing process

production engineering

supply chain set up

product certification support

manufacturing supervision