Benur electric cargo bike

Technical challenges and inclusive vehicle

Double motorisation, electric reverse gear, rear loading… many challenges were to be overcome with this vehicle adapted to wheelchair users and delivery problems. Its special feature ? A power generator installed in the upper part of the vehicle, used by the arms.

A nod to the Roman chariot

We already knew the founder of Benur, in his previous life. Joseph Mignozzi’s restaurant was our HQ when we would go to Les Deux-Alpes. After a motorbike accident, Joseph spent two years in a wheelchair. It was during his convalescence that he came up with the concept of this machine, an electric tricycle accessible to wheelchairs thanks to a rear entry.

One step ahead

Benur is a mobility vehicle for wheelchair users, but not only. We quickly saw the wider uses of the product, especially in the field of electric cargo bikes, as it is stable and capacitive. We are involved in the refinement of the product strategy, the product range, the industrialisation and the supply chain.

The Benur project

the segments in which we have operated

Brand strategy – product strategy

market studies for brand and product

brand positionning

“go to market” strategy

brand identity and communication


technical design

3D modelling

FEM analysis

product management and component sourcing

bills of materials (BOM) and technical reports

Prototyping and fine-tuning

prototyping supervision

shakedown and initial proof testing

“on field” testing

fine-tune set up


manufacturing process

production engineering

supply chain set up

product certification support

manufacturing supervision